DD4_0092My first cello was modeled after an already cut down Montegana. Not entirely satisfied, I built two instruments based on a larger design of my own. I then decided to search for a classic model and settled on the Duport Stradivarius. This has ever since been my one and only model for the cello. In two or three cellos I took the liberty of slightly displacing the ‘c’ bouts a bit higher in order to shorten the string stop. Otherwise no real changes have been made to the model. I did make one ‘contracello’, tuned a fifth lower than the cello, in which case the string stop stayed normal, but the body was greatly enlarged. It functions as a bass instrument. For cellists who need to fly often with their cellos, I will be introducing a detachable neck shortly. In this way the instrument is safer, smaller, and therefore lighter than one traveling while under tension, and set up time at the destination need not be long or complicated.